Artsen CM500C

Premium synergic MIG/MAG Welder for Super Long-Distance Welding of Carbon Steel.
  • Digital Microprocessor Controlled Inverter Technology.
  • Synergic control of MIG/MAG C02 process.
  • Stable welding with stick-out length up to 30mm
  • Achieving stabilized vertical-up welding at 150A with flux-cored wire and 50m
    inter-connection cable set.
  • Standard locking function for both front panel locking & parameters range locking;
  • Standard Job saving features (10 Job)
  • Supporting SMARC for networking with IoT solution;
  • Duty cycle 500A 100% @ 40°C
  • Convenient for building multi-operator system
  • Proven record in heavy industries since 2014; 
  • High tolerance against input voltage fluctuation (25%+/-); 
  • Protection of PCB and wire-feeder from vibration, collision, moisture and salty air. 
  • Superior reliability with self-protecting design and error code display for easy maintenance