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Eko Weldıng Technologies Machine Automatisation L.L.C., our company began to business life in 2014 ; takes meeting coustomers’ expectations with quaility and stability, creating values by for customers by using past business experiences in various sectors as principles. We work with the principle of protecting our products and supporting our customers after trade. We support national labour by producing many equipments which cannot be produced nationally but imported before.

 Nowadays, there is a great race about quality and also velocity by using most advanced technological systems and new developed products in production and manufacturing industry among developing sectors. We as Eko Welding Technologies are proud of contributing to our country in getting in that race with welding machines and welding automatisation system practices and production and research and development activities of the materials in that area.

We aim to to intensify our work with expanding stuff and substructure to manufacture the systems and equipments which the sector needs. We are in a partnership with so many producer company in technical work space with our day by day increasing product portfolio. Being conscious of the  esponsibility we have taken, hope to contribute to your success in your works and be together in upcoming periods.


Why Should You Choose Us ?


Welding Automation

Since 2014, we have been continuing to manufacture welding automation machines under the name of EKO Welding Technologies. In this process, we develop and work customer-oriented.


Robotics Applications

It responds to the needs of machine manufacturers and our industry with its engineering staff that can provide all kinds of programming and technical support services.

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Superior Technology

EKO Welding Technologies, which wants to take its place as the number one in the domestic and foreign markets in the developing market conditions, provides services by following the technology.


It’s to produce innovative welding automation and robot systems, projects and machines, which are going to ramp
up welding companies’ manufacture capacity and speed, and be a leading company that focuses on customer needs,
adopted manufacture as a principle, built on a foundation of continuous development.


Our philosophy in manufacturing sector is based on production with customer satisfaction and continuous progress basics. We manufacture machines used for special purposes with the

process of our welding automation systems, our main manufacturing field, being coupled with submerged / Mig / Mag / Tig / plasma and empowered innovative welding systems. On the

machines we are manufacturing, we continuously make changes with r&d activities and make them suitable for high quality standards. Our company, meeting the customer’s demands completely presale, prioritize the customer satisfaction by interfering the spare part and problems, sustains with the help of experienced staff montage, staff education, trouble shooting, spare parts and problems and doesn’t leave our customers alone.



As a company rendering technical support and nonstop services blended with education, being sensitive to the environment; while using its  ources productively in order to meet customer demands continuously, actively and solution oriented, developing its workers and foreign procurements constantly, signing its name on welding sector as an innovative and high quality products and services;adopted manufacture as a principle, built on a foundation of continuous development.

  • To ensure quality as a lifestyle and it is applied actively by all the units by constantly enhancing our quality management system
  • To improve the quality while lowering the costs, by increasing all units’ process performances as part of quality management system
  • To be the best solution partner in innovative welding product and services to our customers and Project partners and to maintain costumer satisfaction’s continuity.
  • To provide professional development by supporting practices and educations that enhance our worker’s perfections and researcher sides as well.
  • To increase foreign suppliers that we consider as a long termed solution partner and to support the development of our foreign supplier’s quality of understanding.
  • With Eko Kaynak staff, local dealers, foreign suppliers and our customers, to establish team spirit in substance of respect, to fulfill the practicable conditions containing organizing conditions, to be a worldwide brand in welding and machine sector on these principles.
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